BEDMAT Online! Get A Mattress For Yourself.

October 19th, 2016

BEDMAT Online! Get A Mattress For Yourself.

Life is not a bed of roses, or so it is said. But your own bed does not have to be a bed of thorns, it CAN be a bed or roses!

Bedmat Mattresses

There are beds for all shapes and sizes, beds for old and cranky, beds for young and boisterous.

Bedmat (BED + MATTRESS) has been on the fore front in the Lowveld for the best beds at the best prices to suit your specific needs.

But we need your help. Should your bed be firm, or should your bed cushion your body after a long days work?

Pillow top mattresses, layered mattresses, latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses, you name it, there is one that will suit your needs! You also get pocket coil mattresses, bonnel coil mattresses, infinity coil mattresses and box top mattresses that have a combination of all of the afore mentioned… your budget is important in choosing the right bed to suit your body needs and also your wallet!

The base could be a wooden bed, a covered bed base, a wrought iron bed or a box bed.

We can introduce you to many choices of beds, but still you need to give us some information on what you expect in a bed, what kind of bed has been your favorite up to now or what kind of bed you NEVER again want.

Phone us on 082 341 5522 or 013 751 2248.

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