Caring About the Environment by Upcycling

October 19th, 2016

Bedmat cares for the environment by upcycling!

Bedmat – a well-known local business in the Lowveld that has been around for 55 years and known for quality, comfort and client service is a big advocate for upcycling. They try to throw the minimum away on their farm in Plaston, White River and Nelspruit shop. They encourage all their employees to think twice and rather recycle than to throw away.

Thumelo from Bedmat recyclying polystyrene.

Bedmat’s executive director, Daleen Mulder, feels that upcycling is a way of life and that everyone should do their bit to save our planet. A number of years ago when bean bags were in high demand they used to get their polystyrene at high costs from far. They soon realised that if they make a few adjustments to their custom designed foam chopping machine, it is possible to grind polystyrene. Ever since they recycle used polystyrene packaging in this way. Also known as regrind, the product is in high demand for customers such as upholsterers, schools, nurseries and the construction industry.

They encourage community members to donate any clean polystyrene and NOT burn it. Burning polystyrene gives off poisonous gasses which cause headaches and nausea. Recycling in this way helps keep the environment cleaner and the air purer. Bedmat can use it for various purposes. Upholsterers use it in their stuffing, contractors use it in cement to create an insulating effect in a building and even nurseries make use of it in their potting soil for better water drainage the plants.

Bedmat try to use everything! They donate their off-cut fabrics to schools so that they can use it for school projects, they chop up off cut foam into chips and sell it by the kilogram to upholsterers in the community and they support the plastic bottle recycling project. Sprite bottles are recycled into millions of micro strands and fluffed out to stuff toys and furniture.

Creighton Palmer from Bedmat’s Upholstery department.

This long-standing business not only recycles, makes beds mattresses and furniture, but they also do upholstery for their clients. They can assist from recreating an antique piece to a renewed piece or just recover your cushions with fresh stuffing. No job is too small or big for them to manage.

If it is comfort, quality and personalised service that you are looking for, you will find it at Bedmat. Be sure to visit them on their farm on Plaston Road, alternatively their outlet in White River and now also in Riverside Park, Nelspruit.

Call us on 013 751 2248 or Daleen on 082 341 5522.

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