“The 86c Investment”

Have you actually calculated how much your sleep costs per night?

Say for instance you buy a King Supreme base set that costs on average R9400.
This mattress can carry a weight of 130kg per person and has a 15-year service warranty.

15 Years x 365 = 5 475 nights. When dividing the price of R9400/5475 = R1.72 per evening; and if 2 partners sleep the cost can further be divided and comes to a mere 86c per person over this period.
What can you buy for 86c?

More importantly – isn’t this the cheapest health investment you can make?

Don’t let the rising cost of consumables overwhelm you to the point that you overlook your own health and joy in life. You really owe it to yourself and your family to make this little investment for the long run.
Ask our friendly staff at Bedmat Valley Hyper or Plaston Warehouse to assist with advice on how to choose the correct bed for your needs.

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