Celebrating a good night’s rest!

In March, we celebrated World Sleep Day. We all know that sleep is a fundamental need for one’s physical, mental and social well-being. Yet, most of us don’t pay attention to our sleeping habits until it becomes problematic.

Nowadays, one can’t afford to skimp on sleep; yet we are finding it more and more difficult to switch off after a busy day. Having a productive mindset shouldn’t be reserved for the office only. When it comes to sleep, making it a priority and having a deliberate plan to get the much-needed undisturbed sleep may be one of the best items on your “to-do” list this year.

With many factors at play; one needs to take the time to investigate the reason behind disturbed sleep. You may want to consider the following: –

  • How old is your mattress? Do you know the expected lifespan of your mattress?
  • When last did you turn or rotate your mattress?
  • Do you feel your partner’s restlessness? A foam-layered mattress generally does not have movement transfer.
  • Is your bed/ base noisy? An innerspring mattress may squeak as it gets worn out.
  • What is your bedtime routine like? Are you busy until the very moment you need to go to bed?

These factors may have a bigger influence than you realize; so start asking the right questions.

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