Do you have a spring in your step? Or is it in your mattress?

So what are the main differences between an innerspring and a foam layered mattress?

Without getting too technical about the “very” specialized science behind the technology of mattresses, one can simply consider the following points when choosing the right mattress for yourself:

Foam Layered Mattress:

  • Generally firmer feel
  • A top layer of memory foam may be more forgiving on pressure points like shoulders and hips
  • Different foam layers to compose the mattress according to the weight and warranty specifications
  • No movement transfer – may have a “dead weight” feel
  • Needs good ventilation so the base is very important.

Coil or Inner Spring Mattress:

  • May be softer depending on the spring system used
  • A higher spring count ensures extra support and comfort
    Different spring systems: Bonnell, infinity and pocket spring to name a few.
  • You may feel your partner turning; may have a more traditional feel.
  • Pairs with a sprung base; don’t put a foam mattress on a base meant for an innerspring mattress.

When choosing a mattress, your personal preferences come first but take the time to get a real feel for the different options available.
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